Green Build

At GNR we care about the environment. Our employees conserve energy, water, and recycle. Green principles are carried over into our business.


Being Green is an evolving learning experience and continued expansion of awareness. New methods of conservation and energy systems are being created and implemented continually. We work to keep abreast of the latest products and technologies and utilize what we learn with long term cost effectiveness in mind.


We know being green can be overwhelming, but there are countless ways in which you can build and incorporate being Green into you life. We work with designers, architects, and specialists in these fields to achieve the desired look and function that meets your personal needs.


A few of the systems we have utilized:

Reclaimed Water Usage and Efficient Irrigation Systems

Solar Energy

Solar Lights and Solar Powered Landscape Lighting

Solar Water Heaters for Home, Pool, and Spas

Efficient Lighting

Energy Saving Appliances

Efficient Plumbing

Efficient HVAC units

Wide range of Reclaimed Wood and Other Green Products 

Environmentally Friendly Options Available for All Finishes

Landscape and Hardscape Options

Home Automation Systems

Waste Reduction


We are willing and able to help you build and live a more Green Life.